Decisions in Clay: The Multi-faceted Choices of a Potter

Saturday 20th April 4:00 pm

‘Every pot is the unique result of a series of choices between alternative techniques’ (Sillar and Tite 2007) …but ‘A choice implies the existence of two or more possibilities, which must be compared in order to determine how they differ from or resemble each other, how these dissimilarities and similarities are to be explained, and what their material as well as social consequences may be.’ (Pierre Lemonnier 1993)

In the first of our special collaboration with the British School at Athens, join us for a panel discussion which explores the intricate dynamics that shape potter’s choices past and present. We will explore how factors such as knowledge acquisition, environmental influences, access to materials, adherence to technological traditions, functional requirements, tool advancement, evolving techniques, and social concepts can both define and limit potter’s choices.

Carmen Ting
Carmen is an archaeologist, specialising in the study of archaeological materials science and ancient technologies. Her current research focuses on understanding the evolution of glazing technologies from a global perspective. She also collaborates with pottery artists and museum curators to explore ways of presenting past craftsmanship in modern contexts. Carmen is the Lecturer in Archaeological Science at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester.

Mohamed Tonsy
Mohamed is a queer Egyptian writer and ceramicist, currently based in Edinburgh. He was the Jameel Fellow in the V&A during the summer of 2023, and his debut novel, You Must Believe in Spring was published in 2022 by Hajar Press.

Ruth King
Ruth trained at Camberwell School of Arts and Craft and moved to York after four years living and working in London. Her work is known for its sophistication and perfection of surface. She is also exhibiting at CAL 2024 so be sure to check her stand.