Digging and Burning: Towards a Sustainable Ceramics

Friday 19th April 4:00 pm

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on sustainability in ceramics featuring ceramicist Rosy Napper, award-winning curator Wendy Gers, and design, craft, and architecture writer, and podcaster Grant Gibson. Explore the intersection between ceramics and sustainability. From traditional techniques to contemporary innovations, our panellists will share insights, experiences, and visions for the future, contributing to the discourse on sustainability in ceramics.

Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson is a UK-based design, craft and architecture writer and podcaster whose work has been published in places like The Observer, New Statesman, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, FRAME, Dwell, House & Garden and quite a few others.

Rosy Napper
Rosy Napper is an award winning ceramic material researcher and designer based in London. She is interested in the intersection of science and design, specialising in the sustainable development of waste based ceramics. She makes functional pieces, aiming to maximise her work’s potential life after firing through utility and purpose.

Wendy Gers
Wendy Gers is an award-winning contemporary art curator from the global south specialising in Modern and contemporary ceramics. She is the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Princessehof National Ceramics Museum in the Netherlands. Her career reflects a long-term commitment to social and environmental justice.