Virtually Made: VR Assisted 3D Printing And Ceramics

Saturday 20th April 2:00 pm

Virtual Reality (VR) is among the newest tools that makers can use to design their work, providing an immersive environment that unlocks all three dimensions in the computer-aided design (CAD) workflow. Clay extrusion technology and an intimate understanding of clay’s materiality allow the resulting forms to be digitally coiled with the assistance of a 3D printer. VR allows for a more intuitive way of working when it comes to sculpting digital forms, offering a more gestural, movement-led approach than keyboard and mouse design softwares. With VR headsets becoming increasingly accessible, makers are finding new ways of incorporating this into their practice to attain complexity in form and surface that would not be achievable using traditional methods. Ryan Barrett and Fred Gwatkin are innovators in the field and have come together to explore the collaborative possibilities of the VR workspace and to ask what potential the technology holds when geographical boundaries are removed. As well as the practical aspects of digital coiling, such as clay preparation and machine setup, they will discuss opportunities presented by Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality and how these might help ceramicists to realise their ideas in the future.

Preston Fitzgerald
Preston Fitzgerald, collector, curator, and Chairman of The Crafts Council’s Patrons group, annually showcases artists at the House of Pots exhibition in Chelsea, London. For 12 years, he has sponsored and curated a Work in Progress exhibition with students of the Ceramics and Glass course at the Royal College of Art. Fitzgerald’s curation also extends across the country, notably with frequent exhibitions at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire.

Ryan Barrett
Ryan‘s self-taught, intuitive approach to ceramics, inspired by his Suffolk upbringing and textile design background, reflects influences from Modern and Mid-Century abstract art, resulting in works with striking organic textures.

Fred Gwatkin
Fred Gwatkin is a ceramic artist and full time practice tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London, specialising in 3D printed and wheel thrown vessel forms. His ceramic works are characterised by a bold aesthetic that alludes both to organic growth and the digital environment.